This outrage from the Guardian today:

The FBI has admitted it sometimes uses aerial surveillance drones over US soil, and suggested further political debate and legislation to govern their domestic use may be necessary.

Speaking in a hearing mainly about telephone data collection, the bureau’s director, Robert Mueller, said it used drones to aid its investigations in a “very, very minimal way, very seldom”.

However, the potential for growing drone use either in the US, or involving US citizens abroad, is an increasingly charged issue in Congress, and the FBI acknowleged there may need to be legal restrictions placed on their use to protect privacy.

Let’s see, we now have the massive, daily collection of telephony and internet metadata by the NSA; an ever expanding array of public and private places being watched over by CCTV, and now the FBI flying drones overhead keeping tabs.  It seems pretty clear to me that the tools of the police state have arrived.  The real worry is that the police state mentality of those in control of these tools will follow.